971. In Davisson-Germer experiment the diffracted proton from crystal shows
A. Particle property
B. Wave property
C. Light property
D. Quantum property

972. If a diffraction grating is placed in the path of a light beam it reveals
A. Wave property
B. Particle property
C. Energy particle
D. Electromagnetic wave property
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973. In an electron microscope, we use energetic particles because of
A. Penetrating power is high
B. Kinetic energy is large
C. Wavelength is very short
D. All the above reasons

974. In the electron microscope, electric & magnetic fields are used as
A. Electromagnetic gun
B. Source of electromagnetic waves
C. Deflecting charged particle
D. Converging source of electrons

975. A three-dimensional image is obtained by
A. Electron microscope
B. Scanning electron microscope
C. Magnetic imaging
D. None of the above

976. The uncertainty in momentum & position is due to its
A. Property of matter and radiation
B. Two-dimensional motion
C. Emission of the certain wavelength
D. Very high velocity

977. For confinement of electron in a box of radius 10-14m the electron, speed should be
A. 107m/sec
B. Should be greater than the speed of light.
C. Be zero
D. Not be wave-like

978. The energy radiated is directly proportional to the fourth power of Kelvins temperature is
A. Karl-Weins law
B. Rayleigh-Jeans law
C. Stephens law
D. Plancks

979. Compton effect proves the
A. Photon theory of light
B. Dual nature of light
C. Wave nature of light
D. Uncertain nature of light

980. Electron moves in the orbit as
A. Simple vibratory motion
B. Standing wave motion
C. Vibratory motion like up and down
D. S.H.M likes the sound