1001. A vector is a tensor of rank:

A. 1 *
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

1002. If { A,B } = 0,then two operators A and B are said to be :

A. Anticommute
B. Do not commute
C. Commute *
D. None of these

1003. al/at + dwj = 0 is called :

A. Laplace’s equation
B. Equation of continuity
C. Tensor equation *
D. Equation of polar coordinates

1004. First Law thermodynamics is a special form of :

A. Law of conservation of energy *
B. Law of conservation of momentum
C. Law of Inertia
D. None of these

1005. moment of inertia is a tensor of rank :

A. 3rd
B. 2nd *
C. 0th
D. 4th

1006. The range of projectile will be same when the angel of projection are :

A. 20 degree & 80 degree
B. 30 degree & 60 degree *
C. 25 degree & 50 degree
D. 20 degree & 45 degree

1007. The work done by compound pendulum in one complete oscillation is :

A. Zero *
B. Equal to K.E of pendulum
C. Equal to P.E of pendulum
D. Equal to total energy of pendulum

1008. A man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness because the force of attraction due to the earth is :

A. Zero at the place
B. Equal to centripetal force *
C. Balance the force of attraction due to the moon
D. Non-efficient due to particular design of the satellite

1009. The component of a vector P along y-axis is IPI/2, the angle made by the vector with horizontal is :

A. 60 Degree
B. 45 Degree
C. 30 Degree *
D. 90 Degree

1010. It is possible to distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves by studying the property of :

A. Polarization *
B. Interference
C. Diffraction
D. Any of them