1291. If we move from equator to pole, value of g :

A. Increases *
B. Decreases
C. Remains same
D. Both A and B

1292. If the speed of an object is tripled, its kinetic energy is :

A. 1/9 times
B. 1/3 times
C. 3 times
D. 9 times *

1293. What is the power required to give a body of mass m a forward acceleration a when it is moving with velocity v up a frictionless track inclined at an angle 0 to the horizontal ?

A. mavg sin 0
B. mav + mgv sin 0 *
C. mav sin 0 + mgv
D. (mav + mgv) sin )

1294. An electric motor is required to haul a cage of mass 400 kg up a mineshaft through a vertical height of 1200 m in 2 minutes .If the overall efficiency is 80%, how much electricity will be required?

A. 3.2 KW
B. 5.1 KW
C. 32 KW
D. 50 kW *

1295. A 2 kg body and a 3 kg body have equal momentum . If the kinetic energy of 3 kg body is 10j, the KE of 2 kg body will be :

A. 6.66 J
B. 15.0 J *
C. 22.5 J
D. 45.0 J

1296. A car of mass m has an engine , which can deliver power p. How much time must pass before the vehicle can accelerate from rest to speed v?

A. .mv/p
B. P/mv
C. .mv2/2P *
D. 2p/mv2

1297. Angle subtended at the centre of the circle by a body is called :

A. Angular velocity
B. Linear velocity
C. Angular displacement *
D. Linear displacement

1298. When a body moves in a circle in the clockwise direction, the angular displacement A0 is taken as :

A. Positive
B. Negative *
C. Neutral
D. Absolute

1299. The torque on a body will be zero if the angle between r and is :

A. 90 Degree
B. 180 Degree *
C. 270 Degree
D. 45 Degree

1300. The direction of angular displacement is determined by using :

A. Heat to tail rule
B. Fleming left hand rule
C. Right angle rule *
D. None of these