1261. A bullet is shot from a rifle . As a result the rifle recoils. The dynamic energy of rifle when contrasted with that of projectile is :

A. Less *
B. Greater
C. Equal
D. Cannot be concluded

1262. Which of the following is not a collision that is perfectly inelastic?

A. Striking of two glass balls
B. A sand bag being hit by a bullet
C. An electron captured by a proton
D. A man Hopping onto a moving truck *

1263. Which of the following is true ?

A. In inelastic collisions, neither momentum nor kinetic energy are conserved.
B. Force is preserved in all crashes yet active energy is moderated exclusively in inelastic impacts
C. Momentum, but not kinetic energy, are conserved in all collisions *
D. In all collisions, momentum and kinetic energy are conserved.

1264. A solar cell converts sun’s energy into :

A. Heat energy
B. Electric energy *
C. Light
D. Sound

1265. Which is constant for a satellite in orbit ?

A. Velocity
B. Kinetic energy
C. Angular momentum *
D. Potential energy

1266. The dynamic energy of a group of mass 2 kg and force of 2Ns is :

A. 1 J *
B. 2 J
C. 3 J
D. 4 J

1267. If a body experiences a force that doubles its velocity, then:

A. Its acceleration is also doubled
B. Its momentum is also doubled *
C. Its potential enery is also doubled
D. Its kinetic energy is also doubled

1268. A light body A and a heavy body B have equal linear momentum . The K.E. of the body A then:

A. Is equal to that of B
B. Is more noteworthy than that of B *
C. Is smaller than that of B
D. Is zero

1269. The K.E. of a light and a weighty item is same . Which object possesses more momentum?

A. Light object
B. Heavy object *
C. Both have the same momentum
D. Data is not sufficient

1270. When a ball of mass 20 kg falls from a height of 50 cm, its potential energy decreases as follows:

A. 968 J
B. 98 J *
C. 1980 j
D. None of these