1311. The numerical ratio of displacement to distance is :

A. Equal to one
B. Less than one
C. Greater than one
D. Anything less or equal to one *

1312. A stone dropped from the top of tower reaches the ground in 2 sec . if ‘g’ is 10m/sec2. then length of tower is :

A. 10 M
B. 20 M *
C. 30 M
D. 40 M

1313. A Projectile will cover the same horizontal distance when the initial angles of projection are :

A. 30 Degree and 40 Degree
B. 30 Degree and 45 Degree
C. 60 Degree and 30 Degree *
D. 45 Degree and 60 Degree

1314. Projectile is thrown in such way that its maximum height equal to its maximum range the angle of projection is :

A. 76 Degree *
B. 74 Degree
C. 72 Degree
D. 78 Degree

1315. A young boy is seated in a train with his back to the engine and tosses a coin, which falls behind him as the train moves:

A. Forward and uniform speed
B. Backward and uniform speed
C. Forward with acceleration *
D. Forward and deceleration

1316. A body of mass 40 gram is moving with a velocity of 2 cm/sec on a horizontal frictionless table , the force on a body is :

A. 39,200 Dyne
B. 160 Dyne
C. 80 Dyne
D. Zero *

1317. A tone of mass is 10 kg is falling freely ,Its weight is :

A. Zero
B. 98 N *
C. Less than 98 N
D. Greater than 98 N

1318. A body of Mass 2kg moves with an acceleration of 20m/sec , the rate of change of momentum is :

A. 40 kg m/ sec2 *
B. 10 kg m/ sec2
C. 20 kg m/ sec2
D. 11 kg m/ sec2

1319. When a projectile is at highest point the direction of its velocity and acceleration is :

A. Parallel to each other
B. Anti parallel to each other
C. Perpendicular to each other *
D. Inclined at an angle of 45 Degree

1320. If an object is moving with a constant acceleration then net force acting on it is :

A. Constant *
B. Zero
C. Increasing
D. Decreasing