871. In vibratory motion
A. P.E. remains constant
B. K.E. remain constant
C. total energy remains constant
D. total momentum remains constant

872. The waveform of S.H.M. is
A. Standing wave
B. Sine wave
C. Square wave
D. None

873. S.I unit of frequency is
A. Vibration S-2
B. Radian
C. Hertz
D. ms-1

874. In S.H.M. the velocity of a particle is maximum at
A. mean position
B. extreme position
C. middle between the mean and extreme position on the right side
D. middle between the mean and extreme position on the left side

875. The acceleration of a projection on the diameter for a particle moving along a circle is
A. w2x
B. wx2
C. w2x
D. wx2

876. The total energy of a body executing S.H.M is directly proportional to
A. The square root of amplitude
B. The amplitude
C. Reciprocal of amplitude
D. Square of an amplitude
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877. The time period of a second pendulum is
A. 4 seconds
B. 3 seconds
C. 2 seconds
D. 6 seconds

878. The length of the second pendulum is
A. 100 cm
B. 99 cm
C. 99.2 cm
D. 98 cm

879. If the length of the second pendulum becomes four times, then its time period will become
A. 4 times
B. 6 times
C. 8 times
D. 2 times

880. The force responsible for the vibratory motion of the simple pendulum is
A. mg cosθ
B. mg sinθ
C. mg tonθ
D. mg