991. The first ” Wahi” was revealed upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad in :

A. 570 AD
B. 610 AD *
C. 630 AD
D. 590 AD

992. The third battle fought between Muslim of medina and Quraish of Makkah was :

A. Badr
B. Uhad
C. Khandak
D. Khyber

993. Who lead muslim forces during the “Crusades” ?

A. Harun-ur-Rashid
B. Salah-ud- Din Ayubi *
C. Walid-Bin-Abdul Malik
D. Ahmad shah Qachar

994. In which year Zakat was made obligatory ?

A. 1 A.H
B. 2 A.H *
C. 3 A.H
D. 4 A.h

995. What is the Nisab of zakat for gold ?

A. 5% Tola
B. 6% Tola *
C. 7% Tola
D. 8% Tola.

996. For how many times , the word “Zakat” has been mentioned in the Holy Quran ?

A. 22
B. 12
C. 32 *
D. 42

997. What was the kunniyyat of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)?

A. Abu Sulaiman
B. Abu Jaffer
C. Abu Abdullah *
D. Abu Hamza

998. for how many years , the caliphate of hazrat abu bakr (RA) lasted ?

A. 6 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 2 Years
D. 5 Years *

999. Which surah of Holy Quran throws light on the islamic laws regarding marriage and divorce ?

A. Al Nisa *
B. Al Baqarah
C. Al Furqan
D. Al Ankabut

1000. What is the serial number of Surah Yasin in the Holy Quran ?

A. Thirty Four
B. Thirty Six *
C. Thirty Five
D. Thirty Seven

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