2031. Coronary heart disease is most often found in persons suffering from:

A. Anaemia
B. Hemophilia
C. High blood pressure *
D. Low blood pressure

2032. As a person becomes older, is blood pressure generally?

A. Increases *
B. Decreases
C. Remains the same
D. None of above

2033. Roentgen rays are :

A. Alpha rays
B. Sun rays
C. Electromagnetic rays
D. X-Rays *

2034. Sound travels in water than in air :

A. Much faster *
B. Much slower
C. At no difference
D. None of the above

2035. What is an Echo?

A natural occurrence that cannot be explained
B. A repetition of one’s own voice
C. A sound repeated by reflection *
D. The proof that dead energy that is produced

2036. Kinetic energy is the energy that is produced by the fact of :

A. Nuclear explosion
B. Human effort
C. Any movement of an object *
D. Water power

2037. Can you identify the researcher who first experimented with gravity? The gravitational laws came much later:

A. Newton
B. Cavendish
C. Galileo *
D. Marconi

2038. Which of the following happens when a body is charged positively ?

A. It receives some outside electrons and
B. It receives some outside protons
C. Some electrons escape from it *
D. Some protons escape from it

2039. A clear sky is blue because ?

A. Red light is scattered more than blue
B. Ultra violet light has been absorbed
C. Blue light is more dispersed than red light *
D. Blue light has been absorbed

2040. In which of the following units is magnetic intensity expressed ?

A. Coulomb
B. Gauss
C. Oersted *
D. Volt