291. Which country has been declared as a major non NATO ally of USA

B.pakistan *

292. The official language of Pakistan is

C.both egnlish and urdu *

293. Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province comprises five districts including Abbottabad,Battagram,Kohistan,Manshera and

C.haripur *

294. McMohon’s line is the border between

A.iran and uzbekistan
B.pakistan and china
C.pakistan and afghanistan
D.india and china *

295. The epic ‘talsim e hoshruba’ was orignal composed by

A.ibn e insha
B.mumtaz mufti
C.muhammad husain jah *
D.musharraf ali farooq

296. Southern cross which is constellation found in the southern region of the right sky consists of

A.seven stars
B.four stars *
C.five stars

297. The first Pakistani to hoist the Pakistani flag at the north and south pole is

A.nazir sabir
B.salma salim
C.namira salim *
D.ashraf aman

298. The first climber from Pakistan to have sumitted Mt everest on may 17 2000 was

A.nazir sabir *
B.salma salim
C.namira salim
D.ashraf aman

299. Value added tax VAT is:

A.a direct tax
B.will result in distribution of income from rich to poor
C.will apply on rich and poor equally *
D.will result in taxing the rich more

300. Which party was in power in north west frontier province (now khyber pakhtunkhwa) at the time of independence

A.muslim league
B.congress *
C.justice party
D.communist party
E.tehreek e khaksar