1461. The science of the production of fine human-springs is _______.

A. Biology
B. Eugenics *
C. Gencology
D. Genetics

1462. The escape velocity of a projectile from the earth is approximately_____.

A. 7km/s
B. 11.2km/s *
C. 1.1km/s
D. 21.2km/s

1463. When a beam of light passes front air into water, its speed.

A. Increases
B. Decreases *
C. remains the same
D. None

1464. Select the correct answer.

A closed bottle containing water at 30C is carried to the moon in a spaceship. If it is placed on the surface of the moon, What will happen to the water as soon as the lid is opened?

A. Water will boil *
B. Water will freeze
C. Nothing will happen to it
D. It will decompose into H2 and O.

1465. A man standing at a distance of 1 metre from a mirror wishes to take the photograph of his image in the mirror .At what distance should he place his camera from the mirror?

A. 1/2 a metre
B. 1 metre
C. 2 metre *
D. 4 metre

1466. A man made element is ______.

A. Plutonium *
B. U-235
C. thorium
D. radium

1467. Worn-out red corpuscles are decomposed in the .

A. Heart
B. Lungs
C. Kidneys
D. Liver *

1468. Sound waves in air are _________.

A. transverse waves
B. longitudinal waves *
C. may be both types
D. None

1469. What is Botany?

A. Science concerning animal bodies
B. Study of coins
C. Study of plant life *
D. Study of bacteria

1470. Cataract, an eye disease, appears to have occured if_______.

A. Eyes water too much
B. Long or short sight is radically affected
C. The eyes remain swollen and aching
D. General vision has become excessively cloudy *