1191. Escudo is the currency of _______.

A. Portugal *
B. Peru
C. Panama
D. Poland

1192. Electric fan was invented by _____.

A. W. seeley
B. Wheeler *
C. Ferdinand
D. Jacques

1193. Which Namaz is said at the break of Dawn and before sunrise?

A. Fajar *
B. Chasht
C. Ashraq
D. Maghrib

1194. Tajikistan got independence in _______.

A. 1989
B. 1990
C. 1991 *
D. 1992

1195. The prophet who was engulfed by Fish_______.

A. Hazrat Moos A.S
B. Hazrat Yunus A.S *
C. Hazrat Yousuf A.S
D. Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

1196. Quaid-e-azam inaugurated the state bank of pakistan on ______.

A. 1st August 1948
B. 1st July 1948 *
C. 1st september 1948
D. 1st october 1948

1197. Interest free banking was introduced in pakistan in _____.

A. 1st January 1980
B. 25th January 1980
C. 1st January 1981 *
D. 1st January 1982

1198. “Friends Not Masters” was written by _______.

A. KK Azib
B. General Ayub Khan *
C. Anwar. H. Sayed
D. Hafeez Malik

1199. “Our Freedom Fighters” is written by _______.

A. Keith Callard
B. Sheila Mc Donough
C. G Allana *
D. Lawrence Ziring

1200. On which River Warsak Dam was built?

A. Abaseen River
B. Swat River
C. Kabul River *
D. Karam River