2141. Which rains in the equatorial region are the result of influences ?

A. Sea Breeze
B. Land Breeze
C. Monsoon
D. Convectional *

2142. World’s largest delta is ________________.

A. India
B. Sri lanka
C. Japan
D. Bangladesh *

2143. Any wind that changes direction with the season is known as __________.

A. Cyclone
B. Hurricane
C. Monsson *
D. Earthquake

2144. Which of the following country has large number of Islands ?

A. Phillipines
B. Indonesia *
C. Cameron
D. West indies

2145. The standard time of pakistan is :

A. 3.5 hours ahead of greenwich mean time
B. 5 hours ahead of greenwich mean time *
C. 4 hours ahead of greenwich mean time
D. 4 hours ahead of greenwich mean time

2146. Strait of dover separates :

A. Cuba and Florid
B. Spain and south africa
C. German and france
D. England and france *

2147. Suez canal connects :

A. Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean
B. Indian ocean and North sea
C. Red sea and mediterranean sea *
D. North sea and Japan

2148. The seasons change because the :

A. Mercury is attracting the sun
B. The Earth revolves around the sun *
C. Earith is spinning its axis
D. None of them

2149. The coldest region of the world is :

A. Siberia *
B. Mason Ram
C. Haiti
D. Siachen

2150. Which of the following countries has the longest summer day?

B. Pakistan
C. France *
D. Greenland