901. Michael doll is one of the biggest name of _________.

A. Hollywood
B. Wall Street
C. Computer world *
D. American Politics

902. What is the approximately of blood in healthy male body ?

A. 3 liters
B. 5 liters *
C. 7 liters
D. 10 liters

903. Into how many regions the brain is, mainly divided ?

A. 2
B. 3 *
C. 94
D. 5

904. The unit for measuring electric current is ____.

A. Kelvin
B. Candela
C. Ampere *
D. none of them.

905. The ruling muslim dynasty of india from 1320 to 1414 AD was_______.

A. Slave dynasty
B. Tuglaq *
C. Lodhi
D. Khilji.

906. Nanga parbal, one of the most dangerous mountains to climb, is the ____highest mountain____.

A. 4th
B. 6th
C. 8th
D. 9th *

907. Which of the following is responsible for the largest amount of oxygen of earth?

A. Algae *
B. Trees
C. Peat bogs
D. Gass

908. Harappa is a city in punjab about 24 km south west of ___________.

A. Sahiwal *
B. Multan
C. Narowal
D. Lahore

909. Which country was invaded twice by germany in the 20th century and itself had brutally colonized _?

A. Belgium
B. Poland
C. France *

910. In which year was Nelson mandella of south africa awarded Nishan-e-Pakistan?

A. 1990
B. 1992 *
C. 1994
D. 1996