791. “Elysee palace” is the official residence of :

A. King of denmark
B. Chancellor of germany
C. President of france *
D. Pope of Vatican.

792. “Pride and Prejudice” was written by ________.

A. Jane Austan *
B. Thomas hardy
C. Agatha Krusti
D. George orwell.

793. Singapor was previously part of _________.

A. Indonesia
B. China
C. Greenland
D. Malaysis *

794. The largest island in the world is ______.

A. Australia
B. Japan
C. Greenland *
D. Indonesia

795. The ability to knowing thoughts of others; is called ______.

A. Telepathy *
B. Psycology
C. Telecommunication
D. Psycology

796. A stock which is highly in demand being a low risk investment is called “

A. Blue Eyed
B. Red share
C. Blue chip *
D. Uncle’s choice

797. The legendary painting “Mona lisa” is the creation of __________.

A. Pablo picasso
B. Leonardo de serpio
C. Florence Nightingles
D. leonardo de vinci

798. What is the effect of “Deficit financing ” on economy ?

A. Recession
B. Depression
C. Deflation
D. Inflation *

799. “Almamater” Means :

A. Sports Complex
B. Film studios
C. One’s ancestral graveyard
D. One’s College or university. *

800. The Country which introduced competative examinations for the selection of public servants for the first time :was________

C. China *
D. Japan