1121. Amiable

A. Humble
B. Noble
C. Friendly *
D. generous

1122. Dubios

A. Certain
B. Doubtful *
C. Rigorous
D. Feeble

1123. Audacity

A. Courage *
B. Timidity
C. Politeness
D. Misfortune

1124. Apparel

A. Clothes *
B. Luggage
C. Impression
D. Outlook

1125. Which word is wrongly spelt in the following?

A. Intensee
B. Immense
C. Commense
D. nonsense



1126. Sagacious

A. Foolish *
B. Upright
C. Cheerful
D. Dliberate

1127. Dearth

A. Birth
B. Brevity
C. Abundance *
D. Brightness

1128. Gloomy

A. lively *
B. Nervous
C. Active
D. Slow

1129. Meticulous

A. Careless *
B. Shapeless
C. Transient
D. Dogmatic

1130. He is interested ________ stamp collection.

A. At
B. In *
C. Of
D. With