1881. The country having the highest death rate due to disastrous typhoons and hurricanes is :

A. Srilanka
B. China
C. Bangladesh *
D. Japan

1882. FBI stands for :

A. Federal Bureau of investigation *
B. Federal Board of Invetigation
C. Federral Bureau of information
D. None

1883. The Biggest Barrage in Pakistan is :

A. Sukkur Barrage *
B. Guddu Barrage
C. Taunsa Barrage
D. Kotri Barrage

1884. General Dyer is known for :

A. Jallianwala Massacre *
B. Patriotism
C. Bravery
D. Anti indian policies

1885. Which of the following language is spoken by largest number of people of the world :

A. Chinese *
B. English
C. Arabic
D. French

1886. The term yello Journalism refers to :

A. Portraying public opinion
B. Accurate reporting
C. Sensationalism *
D. Propaganda

1887. Napolean Bonaparte was a :

A. French *
B. German
C. British
D. Italian

1888. How many amendments are already made in the constitution of pakistan :

A. 17
B. 16
C. 15
D. 22 *

1889. Khanpur Dam is on the river :

A. Neelam
B. Haro *
C. Hangu
D. Indus

1890. Captain of pakistan navy is equivalent to :

A. Lietenant in Army
B. Captain in the Army
C. Major in the Army
D. Colonel in the Army *