921. When was the first ever email sent ?

A. 1993
B. 1969
C. 1971 *
D. 1974

922. The book ” Indus saga and the making of pakistan ” is written by __________.

A. Aitezaz Ahsan *
B. Prof. Ishtiaq Ahmad
C. Akbar.S. Ahmad
D. Mohsin

923. Which of the following prime ministers of india has received the award of Nishan-e- Pakistan ?

A. Pundit Jawaharial Nehru *
B. Moraji Desai (1990)
C. I.K. Gujral
D. None of these

924. Who wrote the book ” Being and nonthingness” ?

A. Albert campus
B. Jean Paul satre *
C. Bertrand Russel
D. Rene Des

925. Jaundice is a disease in which the colour of the skin beccome:

A. Whitesht
B. Block spotted
C. Reddish
D. Yellowish *

926. Quaid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah swron in as the governor general of pakistan on _______

A. 14TH August 1947
B. 15Th August 1947 *
C. 8th August 1947
D. 17th August 1947.

927. Juvenile prisoners are under age of :

A. 14
B. 15
C. 18
D. 16 *

928. The Current US presendient belongs to which party 2022?

A. Republication party
B. Democratic Party *
C. Independent
D. None of these

929. On which day of november of leap year the US Presidential elections are held?

A. Tuesday
B. Monday
C. Sunday *
D. None of these

930. Acid is naturalized by ?

A. Alkali
B. Salth
C. Chlorid
D. None *