571. Asexual reproduction in plants is called:

A.Vegetative reproduction
B.Vegetative propagation
C.Both A and B *
D.None of the above

571. They should shoot the traitors dead.
(Choose the correct passive voice)

A.The traitors could be shot dead
B.The traitors to be shot dead
C.The traitors should be shot dead *
DThe traitors will be shot dead


572. I, who _ being held responsible for the whole episode, i am the chairman of this company. (choose the correct verb)

B.Is *

578. Sound waves are collected by:

A.Pinna. *
B.Ear canal
C.Ear drum

579. Carbon dioxide + water
(Sunlight/chlorophyll) = ?

A.Glucose + water
B.Water + oxygen
C.Glucose + water + oxygen *
D.Carbon dioxide + oxygen

580. Chest cavity is separated from abdominal cavity by:

B.Diaphragm. *
D.All of the above