1101. Vegetables are necessary component of a well blanced diet (Replace the underlined with the suitable choice?

A. A scarce
B. Essential *
C. A Pleasant
D. An Abundant

1102. You_________ respect your parents and teachers.

A. Should *
B. Would
C. Would have
D. Should have

1103. There is no _____________in this compartment .

A. Space
B. Place
C. Room *
D. None of these

1104. He is one of my best _________

A. Friend
B. Friends *
C. Friendship
D. None of these

1105. The_______of Kashmir _________Very beautiful.

A. Sceneries are
B. Scenery , is *
C. Sceneries, is
D. None of these

1106. I insisted ______my fee paid.

A. To have
B. on having *
C. In having
D. To having

1107. I donot know ____________to value your qualitites.

A. Only how
B. So how
C. How *
D. That how

1108. Her voice is as sweet as _____________nightangle.

A. That of the *
B. The
C. Or
D. None of these

1109. Health is preferable __________riches.

A. On
B. Of
C. To *
D. Upon

1110. One who cannot die is called as___________.

A. Stable
B. Immortal *
C. Perpetual
D. Perennial