1251. The most prominent symptom of Juandice is ________.

A. loss of Hair
B. Lungs pain
C. Yellowish skin *
D. Blackish skin

1252. Polio is caused by __________.

A. Virus *
B. Bacteria
C. Tape Worm
D. None

1253. Hepatitus is caused by _______.

A. Bacteria
B. Virus *
C. Protozoan
D. Wring Worm

1254. Blood pressure is measured by _________.

A. Barometer
B. Glavanometer
C. Votometer
D. Sphygmomanometer *

1255. The planet nearest to earth is ________.

A. Jupiter
B. Pluto
C. Venus *
D. Neptune

1256. The proposed Kalabagh dam would be constructed on the river______.

A. Jhelum
B. Indus *
C. Gomal
D. Kurram

1257. Warsak dam was built in 1960 on river _________.

A. Dasht
B. Indus
C. Kabul *
D. Jhelum

1258. The Ravi-River originates in the indian state of ________.

A. Orissa
B. Hamachal pardesh *
C. Andra
D. Utter Pardesh

1259. The archaeological site ” Kot Diji” is located near the city of ______.

A. Larkana
B. Thatta
C. Khairput *
D. Swat

1260. Nanga Parbat peak is situated in ________.

A. Himalayas *
B. Karakoram
C. Hindus Kush
D. S’uliman