1021. During the Ummayyad period which department administered the revenue affairs of the Empire ?

A. Diwan-ul-Rasail
B. Diwan-ul-Kharaj *
C. Diwan-ul-Barid
D. Diwan-ul-Khatam

1022. “Al-Khawarazmi” was an outstanding Muslim:

A. Chemist
B. Poet
C. Calligrapher
D. Mathematician *

1023. Which one, our of the following , is a renowned biographer of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

A. Michael H Hart
B. Martin Ling *
C. Maurice Bacaille
D. Vincent Cronin

1024. Who did accompany the Holy Prophet (SAW) in the migration to medina ?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
B. Hazrat Omar (RA)
C. Hazrat Ali (RA)
D. Hazrat Osman (RA)

1025. After teh Hijrat to Medina, What was the first important thing the Holy Prophet(SAW) did?

A. Built a mosque for prayers *
B. Built his house
C. created Bait-ul-mal
D. Raised an army

1026. Name the angels who are appointed to put questions to the deads in their graves.

A. Munkir and Nakir (AS)
B. Hazrat Jabraiel (AS) 
C. Hazrat Israel (AS)
D. Hazrat Kikact (M)

1027. Ramadan is the _________Month of islamic calendar _________.

A. 7TH *
B. 9th
C. 1st
D. 10th

1028. What is the backbone of economic system of islam?

A. Zakat *
B. Tax
C. Jihad
D. Ushr

1029. The running between two hills safa and marwa seven times is called _________.

A. Rami
B. Waqat
C. Say’ee *
D. Tawaf

1030. How many Ayat-e-sajda are in the Holy Quran ?

A. 14 *
B. 16
C. 12
D. 7