1301. In a photographic camera fitted with a convex lens, which of the following types of images will be formed on the film?

A. Erect and real
B. Inverted and real
C. Imaginary and Erect
D. The distance between the lens and the object will determine the type of image that is produced *

1302. In the Year 14,000 A.D . due to the earth’s precession the axis of rotation of earth will point towards_______.

A. Proxima Centauri
B. Pole star
C. Vega *
D. None of these

1303. As the temperature of water rises gradually its surface tension_______.

A. Goes on increasing
B. Goes on decreasing *
C. Is not affected and remains unchanged
D. Only increases when the temperature is too high.

1304. The density of a solid and that of a liquid ,in which it is to be immersed ,is the same .On immersion, its apparent weight will be reduced to ________.

A. Half
B. One-third
C. One-Quarter *
D. Zero

1305. A fresh egg sinks in pure water whereas it floats in-saturated salty water . This is due to ______.

A. Higher density of the salty water *
B. Higher density of the pure water
C. The fluid matter inside the egg-shell
D. The eggshell’s calcium content, which is heavier than pure water.

1306. The planet between earth and mercury is ____.

A. Venus *
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Neptune

1307. Can you name the three planets of the solar system which have no satellites?

A. Neptune
B. Mars
C. Mercury
D. Venus
E. Pluto
F. Jupiter
G. Both C, D & E *

1308. The velocity of sound is largest in ___________.

A. Air
B. Water
C. Steel Rod *
D. Kerosene

1309. A sextant is used to measure _________.

A. Volume of the buildings
B. Area of Hill
C. Height of an object *
D. Breadth of a tower

1310. Which of the following air carries no moisture?

A. Dry Air *
B. Warm Air
C. Cool Air
D. Icy Wind
E. None of the above