1371. The number of beats per minute by a normal heart of human adult is ________.

A. 72 *
B. 90
C. 80
D. 86

1372. Human eye is sensitive to _______.

A. Green light
B. Yellow light
C. Red light
D. Blue light *

1373. “Lactometer” is a device used to test the _______.

A. Purity of water
B. Purity of honey
C. Purity of milk *
D. Purity of Air

1374. The green colour of water in a lake is due to _______.

A. Excessive growth of sea weeds
B. Algae *
C. Pollution
D. None

1375. The lightning conductor or rod used for protecting buildings from lightning is made of _______.

A. Aluminium
B. Copper *
C. Iron
D. All of these

1376. The rod in the dry cell, which acts as the positive terminal , is made of __________.

A. Carbon *
B. Copper
C. Tin
D. Zinc

1377. Identify” Software” in computer technology ______.

A. Physical equipment
B. Collection of programmes *
C. Graphical representation
D. None

1378. Who invented the saftey pin?

A. Charles goodyear
B. Stwart Harshone
C. Walter Hunt *
D. A. Rose

1379. Who coined the phrase “Survival of the fittest”?

A. Charles Darwin
B. Herbert spencer *
C. Alfred Wallace
D. A. Rose

1380. Which of the following transformations of energy takes place in a microphone?

A. Electrical Energy into sound
B. Sound into electrical energy *
C. Mechanical energy into sound
D. Sound into mechanical energy