2171. Diego garcia is an island in :

A. Pacific ocean
B. Arctic ocean
C. Indian ocean *
D. Atlantic ocean

2172. What is the Gulf stream ?

A. A cold current in the Atlantic ocean
B. A cold current in the pacific ocean
C. The Atlantic ocean’s warm current *
D. A Pacific Ocean warm current

2173. What is Viticulture ?

A. Cultivation of grapes *
B. Growing small plants
C. Growing tobacco
D. Cultivation of spices

2174. Organisms that live on the ocean bottoms are :

A. Plankton
B. Benthos *
C. Neckton
D. All of these

2175. What is iceberg ?

A. A sea mammal
B. Assal lake
C. A frozen sea *
D. None

2176. What is the most common salt in sea water ?

A. Calcium carbonate
B. Potassium chloride
C. Sodium Chloride *
D. Magnesium Sulphate

2177. Dead sea is :

A. A new water lake utilized for water system
B. Salt lake and lowest point of earth below sea level *
C. Used for fishing
D. Useful for navigation
D. Useful for fishing

2178. Aswan Dam is in :

A. Libya
B. Egypt *
C. Sudan
D. Tunisia

2179. The biggest exporter of food is :

A. EU *
B. Japan
C. Italy

2180. Which are the Benelux countries ?

A. Norway, sweden, Belgium
B. Belgium, Holland, Norway
C. Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg *
D. Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark