1211. “Dulhan” is a famous poem of Baluchi language the poet is _____.

A. Jam Darag
B. Ishaq Shamin *
C. Gul khan Naseer
D. Tofeeq Ahmad

1212. Who won the battle of waterloo?

A. Napoleon
B. Allied Forces
C. Duke of wellington *
D. None

1213. “War of independence ” was fought on ?

A. 12th March 1857
B. 10th May 1857 *
C. 12th June 1857
D. 10th July 1857

1214. When zakat was made compulsory ?

A. 1 Hijri
B. 2 Hijri *
C. 3 Hijri
D. 4 Hijri

1215. From where the satlaj river originates ?

A. Tibet *
B. Hemachal Pradesh
C. India
D. Indian Held Kashmir

1216. Which river is known is ” Yellow river”?

A. Kiang
B. The Hwang Ho *
C. Xinhou
D. Tai Pei

1217. Which city is sometimes known as the “Big Apple”?

A. Paris
B. Vatican City
C. Hong Kong
D. New York *

1218. Who was Anwar Saadat ?

A. Egyption stateman and president *
B. Egyption Prime Minister
C. Egyption King
D. Syring Prime Minister

1219. Datta Ganj Bakhsh, Wrote number of books Which of the following is his books?

A. Kashf-ul-Mahjub *
B. Kitab-ul-Fana
C. Bahr-ul-Kuluks
D. All of these

1220. What is called that legal document Which sets out the terms of an agreement signed by both parties ?

A. Decree
B. Affidavit
C. Deed
D. Charter *