2061. What is the rank of pakistan among world’s largest countries ?

A. 32TH
B. 34TH *
C. 36TH
D. 48TH

2062. The Khyber pass connects pakistan with ________.

A. Iran
B. China
C. Afghanistan *
D. All of them

2063. Salt Range start from Kalabagh and ends at :

A. Sargodha
B. Dina *
C. Jhelum
D. Mangla

2064. Ras Koh Range is situated in :

A. Balochistan Plateau *
B. Indus Plain
C. Koh-e-Safed
D. Nanga Parbat

2065. Red mountain pass is located in ?

A. China
B. USA *
C. Nepal
D. None

2066. Khojak pass is situated in ?

A. India
B. Pakistan *
C. Bhutan
D. None

2067. “Marseilles” is the sea port of ?

A. France *
B. Italy
C. Canada
D. None

2068. Which is the capital of Dominican Republic?

A. Ankara
B. Hanol
C. Tai pei
D. None *

2069. Which is the capital of Sri lanka ?

A. Damascus
B. Colombo *
C. Bankok
D. None

2070. Bolan, Dasht and Rukshan are the rivers flowing in :

A. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
B. Punjab
C. Balochistan *
D. Sindh