1141. Man is still a________ in the labour market.

A. Glut
B. Possibility
C. Commodity *
D. Provision

1142. Only a team work in the country can ________ a change in the existing circustances .

A. To hand about
B. To bring about *
C. Back out of
D. Carried away by

1143. I think it used to be a good school but it has been ______ for twenty years or so.

A. Look to one’s laurels ( to be contented on past achievement)
B. Piay fast and lose
C. Rest on one’s laurels *
D. A fool’s paradise

1144. He is looking for someone to offer him glamorous well paid and demanding job. But I think he is _______.

A. A happy medium
B. Cry for the moon *
C. Happy go lucky
D. Hard boiled

1145. He says he will get a well-paid job but I think it is just _____.

A. A happy medium
B. A Lame Duck
C. Pie in the sky ( something good promised in future but one is not likely to get ) *
D. Cheek by Jowl

1146. The factory workers decision to strike was _________ for factory owners.

A. A smash Hit
B. Cut down to size
C. A smack in the eyes ( an insult or rebuff) *
D. Pie in the sky

1147. The geological record is _______ with climate changes similar in magngitude to the change now going on,but past changes were slow enough to allow most species to_______.

A. Filled,change
B. Replete survive *
C. Complete,Perish
D. Marked, stair

1148. If the world’s present known reserves of fossil fuels could be _______ construction of nuclear power plants would doubtless be less_______.

A. Augmented ,Precipitate (Happen suddenly) *
B. Depleted ,Expedient
C. Husband,regulated
D. Discovered

1149. Just a disloyalty is the mark of the renegade ______ is the mark of the ______.

A. Cowardice,craven *
B. Vanity,Flatter
C. Avarice Philanthropist
D. Termerity, Coward

1150. The orator was so _______ the the audience became_______.

A. Soporific, drowsy *
B. Inaudible, elated
C. Pompous, Bombastic
D. Dramatic, Affable