871. The term ” Hung parliament” describes a situation in which ___________.

A. Prime minister deliberately avoids to attend the sessions of the parliament for a long period.
B. Prime minister has been removed through a vote of no confidence but refuse to step down.
C. No single party has a majority in the house.*
D. The ruling party has lost the majority in the upper house.

872. Which of the of following categories of nobel prizes was not created by swedish scientish alfred noble?

A. Peace
B. Literature
C. Economics *
D. Medicine

873. Which of the following provinces of afghanistan share border with pakistan?

A. Nangarhar,Paktia,Kandahar *
B. Bamyan, Farah, Herat
C. Balkh, Samangan,Kunduz
D. Takhar, Uruzgan Ghur

874. On which of the following areas, united nations spends a lion’s share of its budget?

A. Enviromental protection programmers
B. Rehabilitation of refugees in the world
C. Education and health
D. Peacekeeping activities *

875. Gomal zam Dam is located in _________

A. Gilgit
B. Lasbella
C. North waziristan
D. South waziristan *

876. The world ‘s Largest land frontier is between____________.

A. American and Canada *
B. Russia and China
C. Argentian and Brazil
D. China and Mongolia

877. “Fleet street ” london is famous for _______

A. Banking and financial offices
B. Offices of the cargo companies
C. Offices of the newspaper and press agencies *
D. Offices of the Royal navy establishment.

878. The only vitamin which the human body can manufacture is __________.

A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin D *
C. Vitamin K
D. None

879. Which of the following countries first introduced paper currency in the world?

B. Greece
C. China *
D. France

880. The earth’s rotation on its axis is from __________.

A. South to North
B. North to south
C. East to west
D. West to east *