361. European union consist of

A.20 members
B.25 members
C.28 members *
D.30 members

362. The book “essays on the life of Muhammad P.B.U.H” was written by

A.sir syed ahmed khan *
B.syed amir ali
C.maulana shibli
D.none of these

363. Who was the first president of All India Muslim League

A.sir aga khan *
B.nawab salim ullah
C.muhammad ali jinnah
D.raja sahib mahmood

364. When was UNO formed

A.24th october 1945 *
B.7th november 1945
C.26th november 1945
D.5th december 24th november

365. Who wrote “rhe origin of species

A.karl marxt
B.darwin *

366. Who wrote the famous novel “war and peace”

A.lao tolstoy *
B.maxin gorky
C.charles dickens
D.bermad shaw

367. How many are the states of USA

A.50 *

368. Which are two seas that suez canal connects

A.mediterranean and read sea *
B.red sea and caspian sea
C.caspian sea and arabian sea
D.arabian sea and mediterranean

369. Which state of USA Barach Obama comesfrom?

A.new york
C.lllonois *

370. Who is the writer of clash of civilization and the remaking of world order?

B.hansw J. morganthau
C.noam chomsky
D.smuel P huntington