1151. We must try to understand his momentary _____ for he has _____ more strain and anxiety than any among us _____.

A. Vision
B. Generosity
C. Aberration,Undergone *
D. Outcry, Suffered

1152. The true feelings _____themselves in her sarcastic asides, only then was her ______ revealed.

A. Concealed, Sweetness
B. Manifested, bitterness *
C. Developed, Anxiety
D. Grieved , Charm

1153. Shark Must swim all the time to avoid sinking.

A. Swiftly
B. Rarely
C. Precisely
D. Constantly *

1154. Feeling irritable may be a side effect of too much medication.

A. Drowsy
B. Grouchy *
C. Dizzy
D. Silly

1155. Cricket commentator, Iftikhar, had to yell to be heard above the hubbub.

A. Noise and confusion *
B. Loud Music
C. Argument
D. Sports activity

1156. Lifting the shoulders is a gesture that indicates lack of interest.

A. Shrugging *
B. Sighing
C. Napping
D. Yawning

1157. After a long trial , he was acquitted by the court.

A. Summoned
B. Sentenced
C. Paradoned
D. Freed *

1158. His extremely antipathy to dispute caused him to avoid argumentative discussions with his friends.

A. Love
B. Indifference
C. Obstinacy
D. Aversion *

1159. My Lord, it is obvious that the witness is being intimidated _____remaining silent.

A. Upon
B. Into *
C. For
D. In

1160. He was profoundly and physically infatuated _________ her.

A. To
B. With *
C. From
D. After