1691. Who wrote the book ” Tarikh-i-sarkashiye Bajnore”.

A. Syed Amir Ali
B. Shibli Naumani
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan *
D. Muhammad Ali Joriar

1692. In which year Sir Syed ahmad Khan was appointed as ” Member of imperial legislature council”

A. 1876
B. 1878 *
C. 1880
D. 1882

1693. Separate electorate was the main feature of _______.

A. Minto morley reforms *
B. Indian council Act 1892
C. Foundation of Congress
D. Montago Chamsford reforms

1694. Name the movement which was started with the co-operation of hindus and Muslims.

A. Sauraj
B. Swadeshi
C. Hijrat
D. Khilafat *

1695. Who was the founder of the organization Arya Samaj.

A. Dayananda Sara Swati *
B. Lala Lajpat Rai
C. Swami Shardanand
D. Dr. Moonje

1696. Who was the founder of the movement “Home Rule League”?

A. B.G. Tilak
B. A.B Rajput
C. M.A. Jinnah
D. Mrs. Annei Besant *

1697. In which act the subjects were divided into two parts central and provincial?

A. Indian Council act 1861
B. Indian Council act 1892
C. Minto Morly Reforms 1909
D. Montague chelmsford reforms 1919 *

1698. When Communal Award was announced ?

A. 1931
B. 1932 *
C. 1933
D. 1934

1699. In which year ” Muhammad Anglo oriental High school “Was founded?

A. 1873
B. 1874
C. 1875 *
D. 1876

1700. Name the person who has been the president as well as the prime minister of Pakistan.

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto *
B. Zia-ul-haq
C. Pervaiz Musharraf
D. Nawaz Shareef