1451. With the Earth-man’s present level of exploration of space_______.

A. We know big the universe is
B. We can plan a universe-wide round
C. We are placed in the middle of universe
D. It is not possible to know the size of universe *

1452. What is the ” Milky way”?

A. The route through which milk is transported
B. The luxurious way the rich live
C. The galaxy in which our solar system is located *
D. The star that emits milky light

1453. In its simplest form, the law of gravitation states that two objects attract each other. Who pro-pounded this law?

A. Mendel
B. Jean picard
C. J. Priestley
D. Newton *

1454. Humidity is ______.

A. Discomfort due to heat
B. excess of heat in atmosphere
C. presence of water vapour in the air *
D. there is no airborne water vapor

1455. Dry air is _______.

A. Good conductor of electricity
B. Bad conductor of electricity *
C. Perfect insulator
D. Perfect conductor

1456. The pituitary gland in our body is associated with the _______.

A. Growth of our sexual system *
B. Growth of our bones
C. Growth of our digestive system
D. Growth of our nervous system

1457. Nitrogen gas was discovered by _______.

A. J. Priestley
B. Philip Drinker
C. R.C. Eunk
D. Daniel Rutherford *

1458. What are fossils ?

A. The traditional method of in-kind revenue collection
B. The liquid fuel like petroleum etc.
C. The rock structure preserved from deterioration
D. The remains of plants and animals buried ages ago *

1459. Hemoglobin is a constituent of blood and is complex protein. it gives colour to blood now blood cells do not get the normal amount of hemoglobin when our food is deficient in____.

A. Iron *
B. Calcium
C. Fats
D. Vitamins

1460. Soap is made by _______.

A. Mixing fats and acids
B. Using an alkali to boil oils and fats *
C. Mixing chalk and fats into a soap base.
D. None