311. If the prime minister intends to resign, he may address his resignation to:

A.the speaker, national assembly
B.the chairman senate
c.the president *

312. The lower house of the parliament is

A.the national assembly *
B.the senate
C.a provincial assembly
D.combination of provincial assemblies

313. The governor is appointed by

A.the prime minister
B.the chief minister
C.the president *
D.the national assembly

314. The session of senate is presided by

A.the president
B.the speaker
C.the chairman *

315. The chief election commissioner is appointed for a term of

A.five years *
B.as determined by the president
C.same term as it of the assemblies
D.three yearws

316. Since its promulgation the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 has been amanded:

A.24 times *
B.18 times
C.16 times
D.14 times

317. The objective resloution was made part of substantive provisions of the constitution of 1973:

A.at the time of its promulgation in 1973
B.by presidential order 14 of 1985 (revival of constitution order) *
C.through amendments made in the constitution in 1975
D.through a resolution of the parliament (majlis e shoora)

318. The construction of wullar barrage shall result in

A.scratching the canal irrigation in Paktistan *
B.threat to defene measures
C.minimizinig enegry production
D.all of these

319. Sir Kreek denotes

A.a mountain top in northen area
B.an ice berg of slachen
C.an island in indian ocean
D.none of these *

320. Census in Pakistan is held in

A.every year
B.after every 3 years
C.after every 5 years
D.once in ten years *