1481. Islamabad is part of which province ?

A. Sindh
C. Punjab
D. None *

1482. How many millimeters are roughly equivalent to one inch?

A. 20
B. 25 *
C. 30
D. 50

1483. Which is the largest( area wise) airport of the world?

A. Kennedy Airport New York
B. Heathro Airport London
C. Schipol Airport Amserdam
D. King Fahd International Airport Domam *

1484. Who was teh first secretary general of the OIC?

A. Hassan Al- Touhami
B. Tanku Abdul Rehman *
C. syed sharif -ud-din Pirzada
D. Habib Chatty

1485. Which nation used its veto power the most in the UNO’s security council?

A. USSR/Russia *
D. China

1486. Which country is the largest producer of wheat?

A. America
B. China *
C. Russia
D. India

1487. The brightest Planet in the solar system is _________.

A. Venus *
B. Jupiter
C. Earth
D. Neptune

1488. The currency of Turkey is called________.

A. Dirham
B. Lira *
C. Peso
D. Riyal

1489. “Dhyan chand” was a legend of ______.

A. Cricket
B. Hockey *
C. Foot ball
D. Athletics

1490. Solar eclipse occurs when ________.

A. Earth comes between sun and moon
B. The moon is parallel to the earth.
C. The moon lies between the sun and the earth *
D. Sun Comes between sun and earth