241. Pakistan became the member of UNO

B.1947 *

242. Pakistan’s standard time is ahead of Greenwich time:

A.3 hours
B.4 hours
C.5 hours *
D.6 hours

243. The world’s largest parliament is the

D.UK-parliament *

244. Which of the following is the smallest sea

A.south china sea
B.arabian sea
Caribbean sea
D.sea of marmara *

245. The world’s largest land frontier ie between

A.america and canada *
B.russia and china
C.argentina and brazil
D.china and mongolia

246. National income is essentially composed of

A.all wealth of a nation
B.annual income of the central government
C.all income of the people in a year *
D.income derived from taxes by the central government

247. Which of the following must be the result of inflation

A.a rise in the exchange rate
B.an increase in the value of money
C.a reduction in the value of money *
D.less money is printed

248 Friendship bridge on river oxus connects

A.russia and china
B.china and kazakhstan
C.tajikistan and afghanistan *
D.uzbekistan and afghanistan

249. Which of the following is a baltic state

D.estonia *

250. Which of the following were the world’s first women president

A.isabel peron of argentina *
B.megawati soekarnoputri of indonesia
C.chandrika kumaratunga of sri lanka
D.gloria macapagal arroyo of philippines