1801. Deosai National park is remarkable as it is one the highest plateaus in the world with an elevation of 4.114 meters in which region of pakistan is it located?

A. Balochistan
B. Potohar-Punjab
C. Gilgit Baltistan *
D. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

1802. G.T road is one of the mega highways of pakistan. what does G.T Stand for?

A. General Traffic
B. General Trunk *
C. General Turner
D. None of these

1803. How many administrative divisions are there in Punjab?

A. 8
B. 6
C. 3
D. 9 *

1804. Which one of the following districts of punjab has the lowest population density?

A. Dera Ghazi Khan
B. Rajanpur *
C. Bahawalpur
D. Layyah

1805. Lal suhanra National park is located near ____.

A. Multan
B. Bahawalpur *
C. D.G. Khan
D. Sahiwal

1806. The muslim Bagh is famous for _____.

A. Chromite Mine *
B. Natural Gas
C. Copper
D. Coal Mine

1807. Where Quaid-e-azam stayed during his last Illness in 1948?

A. Hanna Lake
B. Kohlu
C. Ziarat *
D. Makran

1808. What is meant by chiltan?

A. Souls
B. Forty Souls *
C. High place
D. Fort

1809. What is the total lenght of irrigation cannals in pakistan?

A. 62,000 KM
B. 61,000 KM
C. 54,000 KM
D. 64,000 KM *

1810. On which river Rawal Dam is located ?

A. Swan
B. Kurrang *
C. Rwat
D. Jhelum