1201. The Malam Jabba is one of the important visiting point of _____.

A. Chitral Valley
B. Hunza Valley
C. Kalam Valley
D. Swat Valley *

1202. What is Malakhra?

A. A game *
B. A river
C. A lake
D. A dance

1203. PIA was established in ___.

A. 1955 *
B. 1950
C. 1960
D. 1965

1204. Dinosaurs Dominated the earth in _____.

A. Mesozoic Era *
B. Palaeocene Era
C. Plastoscine Era
D. All of the above

1205. Boat of Noah A.S is called ______.

A. Curve
B. Arc *
C. Arrow
D. Rectangle

1206. Where the Siachen Glacier is situated ?

A. Baltistan
B. Skardu *
D. Hunza

1207. Magna carta was signed in ________.

A. 1275
B. 1215 *
C. 1217
D. 1257

1208. Chinese Clay is found in_______.

A. Saindak
B. Hunza *
C. Gilgit
D. Chitral

1209. A round around the “Kaaba” is called ______.

A. Circle
B. Round
C. Chakar
D. Tawaf *

1210. Which is the oldest Book?

A. Zaboor
B. Injeel
C. Toraat *
D. Quran