1271. Synonyms of Abeyance ________.

A. Obedience
B. Suspended action *
C. Excitement
D. Discussion

1272. Synonyms of Abstinence( to avoid)

A. Vlugar Display
B. Deportment ( behaviour)
C. Reluctance
D. Restrained earting or drinking *

1273. Synonym of Conformity______.

A. Agreement( act of agreeing) *
B. Ambition
C. Confinement
D. Pride

1274. Synonym of Defile_______.

A. Manicure
B. Pollute *
C. Ride
D. Assemble

1275. Opposite of Lampoon (Ridicule)_________.

A. Darken
B. Praise *
C. Abandon
D. Sail

1276. Opposite of Vagary ( Whim , a strange or sudden change that is difficult to predict)

A. Unchanged *
B. Caprice
C. Tramp
D. Arrogant

1277. Opposite of Squandar ( to waste)

A. Fortify
B. Depart( Go Away)
C. Preserved (Keep safe) *
D. Roam

1278. Modern architecture has discarded the ______ trimming on buildings and has concentrated on an almost greek simplicity of line________.

A. Flamboyant *
B. Austere
C. Inconspicuous
D. Aesthetic, concering beauty in art

1279. If you are seeking ______ that will resolve all our ailments you are undertaking an impossible task ________.

A. A precedent
B. A panacea *
C. An abstraction
D. A Direction

1280. Choose the word with correct spellings ______.

A. Accomadation
B. Acomodation
C. Accommodation *
D. Acamodation