1111. Please speak in ______ English.

A. Plain *
B. Plane
C. Plan
D. None of these

1112. Every student is familiar __________the name of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

A. To
B. With *
C. By
D. In

1113.That Colour will not ________Your complexion.

A. Soot
B. Suite
C. Suit *
D. None of these

1114. They arenot _________People here.

A. Much
B. Many *
C. A lot
D. Some

1115. Select a correct word.

A. Coalitiion
B. Coallition
C. Coalition *
D. Colition

1116. Be_________In Your language.

A. Precise *
B. Meticulous
C. Punctilious
D. None of these

1117. I went to the shop ____________ Some chocolate.

A. For buying
B. For buy
C. To buy *
D. Buy

1118. Forgery means________.

A. Fraudulent alteration of writing. *
B. Forecefulness
C. Inventiveness in writing
D. Inventiveness in speaking

1119. There was so much smoke in the room that i could hardly_____________.

A. Breath
B. Breathe *
C. Breathing
D. Breathless

1120. Identify the correct spellings the following set of words..

A. Cyclone *
B. Cycloan
C. Cyclon
D. Ciclone