591. The chairman gave away prizes to prize winners. (Choose the correct passive voice)?

A.Prizes are given away by the chairman to the prize winners
B.Prizes have been given away by the chairman to the prizes winners
C.Prizes were given away by the chairman to prize winners *
D.None of the above

592. Sher Shah Suri ruled India for _ years

B.5 *

593. Who was the first Muslim ruler who tried to reconcile the differences between Muslims and Hindus?

A.Akbar *
B.Shah jehan

594. Who started jihad against the new religion Din e lllahi ?

A.Shah wali ullah
B.Mirza Abdul Qadar baidal
C.Mujadad alif sani *
D.Maulana bakhtiar kaki

595. Point of the intersection of the angle bisectors of a triangle is equidistant from the _ of

B.Sides *
C.Midpoint of the sides
D.All of the above

596. Cubed value of a fraction is always _ original fraction.

A.Greater than
B.Smaller than *
C.Equal to
D.None of the above

597. The term curriculum is derived from the Latin word currer, which means:

A.Contents of course
B.To educated
C.To run the course *
D.Set of subjects

598. Human behaviour is rational:

A.When it conforms to nature’s Law
B.When it is governed by physical and social laws
C.Both A and B *
D.When it is uncertain by the nature

599. The most important part of the cell that control all activities of the cell is called:

B.Nucleus *
D.Golgi bodies

600. Which of the following are unicellular organisms?

D.All of the above *