1891. “WAFA” is a news agency of :

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Libya
C. Palestine *
D. None

1892. “Diego Gracia ” is a :

A. Airlines of singapore
B. French surface to surface missile
C. United states military base in the indian ocean *
D. The disputed island in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Russia

1893. “Wheel” is a symbol of :

A. Peace
B. Progress *
C. Prosperity
D. Speed

1894. The world’s largest uranium producer country is :

B. Kazakistan *
C. China
D. France

1895. Strait of ” Malacca” separates :

A. Malaysia and Thailand
B. Mozambique and Madagascar
C. Indonesia and Malaysia *
D. India and Srilanka

1896. The world’s largest nuclear power station is situated in :

A. Ukraine
B. Canada
C. France
D. Japan *

1897. “Minsk” is the capital of :

A. Belarus *
B. Latvia
C. Ukraine
D. Kyrgyzstan

1898. 10 Downing street :”

A. Official residence of British Prime minister *
B. Official residenceo of French prime Minister
C. Deepest street in london
D. A beautiful valley of Hollywood

1899. Hollywood:

A. A place in California *
B. Capital of fiji
C. A seat dramas in chicago
D. A place in india

1900. What is Bethlehem ?

A. A bird
B. A place in Bosnia
C. Birth place of Jesus Christ *
D. Shah faisal was buried at that place