2021. The planet between Earth and mercury is :

A. Venus *
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Neptune

2022. Can you name the three planets of the solar system which have no satellites ?

A. Neptune
B. Mars
C. Mercury
D. Venus
E. Pluto
F. Jupiter
G. Both C,D and E *

2023. The velocity of sound is largest in :

A. Air
B. Water
C. Steel Rod *
D. Kerosene

2024. A sextant is used to measure :

A. Volume of the buildings
B. Area of Hill
C. Angle Between two objects *
D. Breadth of a tower

2025. Liquids are :

A. Poor conductors of heat *
B. Good conductors of heat
C. Worst conductors of heat
D. Perfect Insulators

2026. If an iron piece remains exposed to air and dampness it gets rust on it .Scientifically speaking rust is :

A. Iron oxide *
B. A kind of Moss
C. Corrosive quality of damp air
D. The natural wearing of iron

2027. Which of the following air carries no moisture ?

A. Dry air *
B. Warm air
C. Cool air
D. Icy wind

2028. Frost is not formed generally on cloudy nights Reason ?

A. Nonappearance of water fume in the air
B. Clouds don’t cause frosty conditions because they cause air currents and disturbances.
C. Clouds prevent radiation and therefore help the ground temperature remain higher *
D. The clouds have taken away the air’s moisture.

2029. Lightning is caused when :

A. Similar electric charges rush toward each other
B. Contrast charges in different clouds reduce the resistance provided by the air between them *
C. Clouds strike against impurities in air and result in a gigantic fricational flare up
D. Earth applies a draw on the drifting mists

2030. Liver, Milk, egg yolk, fish liver oil are the source of vitamin :

A. A
B. B2
C. D *
D. C