2081. He invited _________ to the feast to celebrate the success of his son :

A. All and sundry *
B. Above board
C. All in All
D. Alpha and Omega

2082. The _____ of his speech was that islam is a religion of peace :

A. Alpha and omega *
B. Apple pie order
C. Art and part
D. Burning question

2083. She is a good house wife and keeps the house in __________.

A. Apple pie order *
B. An augean sable
C. Left handed complement
D. Lack lustre

2084. The principal’s remarks ________ The students flew into fury and decided to go on strike :

A. Have one’s name bandied about
B. Get the better of thim
C. Bring the person to knee
D. Add fuel to fire *

2085. He was ____________ an eye sore to most members of family :

A. As if
B. As it were so to speak *
C. At eleventh hour
D. Adamant to

2086: Tariq often walks to school :

A. Rarely *
B. Never
C. Always
D. Sometimes

2087. One can acquire fame only by being truthful honest and faithful :

A. Lose *
B. Deprive
C. Forsake
D. Surrender

2088. Mother Teresa devoted her life to the service of the poor and the destitute:

A. Greedy
B. Noble
C. Rich *
D. Extraordinary

2089. Always avoid late-night jobs :

A. Pursue *
B. Compel
C. Inspire
D. Take

2090. He is very timid person:

A. Dashing
B. Outgoing
C. Bold *
D. Chivalrous