41. Deficiency of vitamin C in human body leads to

A.eye disease
B.nerve disease
C.teeth disease *
D.skin disease

42. Identify largest tribal agency of FATA (federally administered tribal areas) by area

A.south Waziristan *
B.north Waziristan

43.”olive branch” is a symbol of peace while “lotus” is a symbol of

B.culture and civilization *
D.romantic love

44. Approximately how much part of Jammu and Kashmir is under India’s occupation?

C.3/4 *

45. “Elysee Palace” is the official residence of

A.King of Denmark
B.German Chancellor
C.President of France *
D.Pope of Vatican

46. “Quaid -e-Azam Jinnah- the story of nation” is a biography of Quaid-e-Azam written by

A.M.A.H Ishpani
B.G. Allana *
C.Khalid Bid Saeed
D.Akbar S.Ahmed

47. At 12 o’clock noon Pakistan Standard time in Landon (U.K) shall be

A.4:00 PM
B.7:00 PM *
C.5:00 PM
D.4:00 AM

48. Dead sea is lying between

A.Israel and Jordan *
B.Turkey and Greece
C.England and France
D.Sudan and South Yemen

49. Identify Muslim scientist who credited with the discovery of sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid and Hydrochloride Acid

A.Muhammad Bin Zakaria Razi
C.Bu Ali Seena
D.Jabir Bin Hayyan *

50. What do you understand by the term “brain drain”

A.mad person
B.migration of skilled labor to other countries *
C.emigration intellectuals
D.illiteracy and ignorance