1351. Zaire is one of the richest countries of africa what was it formerly called?

A. Lesotho
B. Jamaica
C. Moldova
D. Congo *

1352. Which country leads the world in steel production?

A. USA *
C. France
D. Japan

1353. Who compiled the controversial work ” The Descent of Man?

A. Lamark
B. Darwin *
C. Mendle
D. Flaming

1354. Who wrote the best sellers” Old man and the sea” Which won Noble and pulitzer prizes and ” A farewell to Arms?

A. Shakespeare
B. Hemingway *
C. Charles Dickens
D. Bernard Shaw

1355. On What river does paris stand ?

A. The Siene *
B. The Danube
C. Tigris
D. None

1356. What is the art of stuffing birds an animals.

A. Taxidermy *
B. Taxonomy
C. Herptology
D. Geology

1357. What is the colour of Lunar soil?

A. Greyish *
B. Black
C. White
D. Redish

1358. Total lenght of “Great wall of china”>

A. 1684 Miles
B. 1560 Miles
C. 1760 Miles
D. 3400 Miles *

1359. In 1935, an earthquake struck down one of sub-continent’s important city , Do you know which city it was ?

A. Karachi
B. Delhi
C. Quetta *
D. Amratsar

1360. Which European city is known as the “Eastern Gateway” of the continent?

A. Istanbul *
B. Moscow
C. Vienna
D. Minsk