1491. ” Good consists in creating the greatest happiness for the largest number of people ” This theory is termed as _____.

A. Utilitarianism *
B. Aristotelians
C. Humanism
D. Pragmatism

1492. ” My life _____ a fragment” is a book written by ________.

A. Syed Ameer Ali
B. Abu-Al-kalam Azad
C. Jawahar Lal nehru
D. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar *

1493. The second chief minister of Punjab was _______.

A. Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mumdo
B. Mian Mumtaz Daultana *
C. Feroz Khan noon
D. Abdul Hamid Khan Dasti

1494. National defence university ( NDU) of Pakistan is located at _____.

A. Karachi
B. Lahore
C. Islamabad *
D. Quetta

1495. Which of the following early pakistani issues did not involve India?

A. Division of financial and military assets
B. Kashmir Issue
C. Language problem *
D. Canal water Dispute

1496. “Hindu Mahasabha” was _____.

A committee to hold Hindu leadership accountable;
B. A Hindu extremist organization; *
C. A religious council to revive the original form of Hinduism;
D. None

1497. Which of the following passes connects China and Pakistan?

A. Kilik Pass
B. Khunjrab Pass
C. Mintake
D. All of these

1498. Which city has highest mean annual rainfall?

A. Murree *
B. Lasbella
C. Sialkot
D. Chitral

1499. The constitution of 1973 came into force on ________.

A. 14th August 1973 *
B. 10th April 1973
C. 12th April 1973
D. None

1500. When national assembly and senate are reffered together ,They are termed a __________.

A. Majlis-e-shoora
B. Parliament
C. Majlis-e-shoora(Parliament) *
D. None