updated mcqs

Daily updated multiple-choice questions (MCQs) offer a dynamic and effective approach to learning and assessment. In various educational and professional settings, the regular updating of MCQs ensures that learners are exposed to a diverse range of topics and challenges. This practice not only helps in reinforcing previously acquired knowledge but also encourages continuous learning by introducing new information. Daily updates reflect the evolving nature of subjects, making the learning experience more relevant and engaging. Additionally, it provides educators and trainers with a tool to adapt to changing trends and advancements, ensuring that assessments remain current and aligned with the latest developments. For students and professionals, the incorporation of daily updated MCQs promotes a habit of consistent study, keeping them informed and prepared for a dynamic and ever-changing knowledge landscape.

Which country is launching Aditya-L1 on sun?

A. Russia
C. India *
D. China

Who takes the men’s marathon gold in World Athletics Championships 2023?

A. Maru Teferi
B. Leul Gebresilase
C. Victor Kiplangat *
D. Max Verstappen

Which men’s team beat India to win gold in World Blind Cricket?

A. England
B. Australia
C. Bangladesh
D. Pakistan *

Name the country that won FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023?

A. Spain *
B. Brazil
C. England

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is located in which country?

A. China
B. Japan *
C. South Korea
D. Russia

How many new countries were invited to join BRICS at its 15th summit in Johannesburg?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6 *
D. 7

Who is the champion of men’s tennis Cincinnati Open 2023?

A. Carlos Alcaraz
B. Novak Djokovic *
C. Rafael Nadal
D. Roger Federer

Along with Saudi Arabia and UAE, which country is investing heavily in alternative revenues to crude, gas.

A. Bahrain
B. Qatar
C. Oman *
D. Kuwait

Where was the Brics summit held in 2023?

A. Saint Petersburg
B. Mumbai
C. Beijing
D. Johannesburg *

Which Iranian activist got the Noble peace prize on 6 October 2023?

A. Narges Mohammadi *
B. Zainab Fatimi
C. Fatima Zahra
D. None