1621. The major segment of “Saraiki” speaking population lives in _______.

A. Punjab *
C. Azada Kashmir
D. Sindh

1622. Ayub khan’s electoral symbol in the presdential election was _______.

A. Lion
B. Cow
C. Sword
D. Rose *

1623. Constitution of 1962 introduced one of the following in the country_____.

A. Universal Franchise
B. Indirect democracy *
C. Parliamentary system
D. Social democracy

1624. Riggling in the election was first initiated in the country by the Govt of ______.

A. Ayub Khan *
B. Yahya Khan
C. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
D. Zia-ul-Haq

1625. Which of the following is most urbanized area in pakistan?

B. Sindh *
C. Punjab
D. Balochistan

1626. Census is held in pakistan every __________.

A. Ten Years *
B. Fifteen Years
C. Twenty Years
D. Twenty Five Years

1627. In the Sub-Continent , First census was held in _______.

A. 1858
B. 1869
C. 1881 *
D. 1901

1628. In which sector the largest labour force is attached in pakistan?

A. Industry
B. Agriculture *
C. Trade
D. Mines

1629. Aflor” winning the presidential election Ayub khan started a strategic war with India in______.

A. 1963
B. 1964
C. 1965 *
D. 1966

1630. What is the ratio of Punjabi speaking population?

A. 54 %
B. 44 % *
C. 53 %
D. 55 %