1321. Experts have testified ________ the machine’s excellent performance.

A. In
B. On
C. To *
D. Into

1322. The Guests were standing _______ after dinner, smoking and talking quietly.

A. About
B. Over
C. Round *
D. On

1323. Some distinguished teachers at _______ the committee which recommends the expansion of higher education .

A. About
B. On *
C. Between
D. In

1324. Several bedrooms were set apart ______guests.

A. For *
B. With
C. To
D. From

1325. If you would like to put in an application I am sure It will be regarded ______sympathy.

A. With *
B. For
C. On
D. From

1326. A remedy for all diseases.

A. Panacea *
B. Sinecure
C. Eradicate
D. Exaggerate

1327. One who eats human flesh.

A. Cannibal *
B. Carnivorous
C. Aquatic
D. Gregarious

1328. On who eats everything indiscriminately.

A. Omniscient
B. Omnipotent
C. Omnivorous *
D. Unanimous

1329. Absolute government of one man.

A. Autograph
B. Autocracy ( ruling with unlimited power ) *
C. Bureaucracy
D. Democracy

1330. A person who thinks the whole world his home.

A. Arbitrator
B. Arboriculture
C. Cosmopolitan (Widely distributed)
D. Immigrant