1001. What is the total Number of types of Qias?

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four *
D. Five

1002. Give the total number of Ayaats in the holy Quran ?

A. 5445
B. 7277
C. 4344
D. 6236 *

1003. How many times , the word “QUL” has been repeated in the Holy Quran ?

A. 332 *
B. 432
C. 532
D. 632

1004. What is the serial number of the Kalimah rad-e-kufr among the six Kalimahs ?

A. Six *
B. Four
C. Three
D. Five

1005. Which is the alternative of Wuzu when water is not available before performing a prayer ?

A. Ghusal
B. Washing face
C. Tayammum *
D. None of these

1006. Which Nafli Namaz is most liked by Allah ?

A. Ishraq
B. Zawaal
C. Chasht
D. Tahajud *

1007. What is the time of Nafli salaat Ishraq?

A. Sunrise till midnight
B. Sunrise till noon *
C. Sunrise till quater of the day
D. Surise till sunset

1008. Give the name of the Prophet whose name has been mentioned most in the Holy Quran ?

A. Hazrat Daud
B. Hazrat Musa *
C. Hazrat Ibrahim
D. Hazrat Haroon

1009. Which prophet is called ” Abdul Bashar” ?

A. Hazrat Yaqoob
B. Hazrat Musa
C. Hazrat Younas
D. Hazrat Adam *

1010. Give the name of the prophet who is son of Hazrat Daud ?

A. Hazrat Hood
B. Hazrat Ishaq
C. Hazrat Sulaiman *
D. Hazrat Yousaf